Welcome to Sabah Government Data Centre, a section under Sabah State Computer Services Department.

Sabah Government Data Centre's main responsibility is to provide Data Centre Services to the State Government of Sabah.



To be the best Data Centre in the Civil Service.



To provide excellent Data Centre services to the Sabah State Government.



Secured and organized information management.



To provide Data Centre Services for the Sabah State Government and to ensure excellent security and operational task.



1.  Providing Data Centre services to the State Public sector:

(i) hosting of servers and applications, and related equipments;

(ii) maintenance of servers, and related equipments;

(iii) daily backup of data and applications, with onsite and offsite storage;

(iv) storage of backup media;


2.  Providing technical services to departmental users:

(i) technical operations management services;

(ii) delivering technical service activities.


Clients Charter

(i) Server Hosting:

- To take action on server hosting or to provide feedback on action to be taken within seven (7) working days after receiving request from the customer.

- To complete server hosting work within fourteen (14) working days after determining needs.

(ii) Data Backup Services:

- To backup data on every working day for the first and second copies.

- To backup data once a month for the third copy.

(iii) Support Media Storage:

To release backup media or provide feedback on action to be taken within one (1) working day after receiving request from the customer.

(iv) Backup Media Verification:

To test restore data from backup media for a randomly picked application once (1) a month.


ICT Security Information

Visit this website Pasukan Keselamatan ICT Kerajaan Negeri Sabah (Sabah Government ICT Security Team) to receive policies on the State ICT Security and to get current issues on ICT Security.